Consumer Warning: Over the Counter and Prescriptions for Low Testosterone

Do you know someone or have you personally struggled with low testosterone?

If so, we are issuing a warning and consumer advisory about the medicines available to treat this condition. Many of these products are being recalled and  are involved in a number of lawsuits due to the after effects and damages that they are causing.

Low testosterone medications are available both over the counter and through prescriptions from a doctor, and there are a variety of manufacturers and brands.

Unfortunately, there is such a large variety and there is new information being released on this issue every day. And while we cannot keep up with all of the latest news on which products are causing what problems, we just want you, a consumer of these products to be warned and be advised to do your own research on this particular issue.

Whenever there are problems with products, medications, etc. in the market, we do everything in our power to spread the word and give the consumer the appropriate information they need to get the help or pursue further research for themselves.

Again, if you are dealing with Low-T, also known as Low Testosterone, or know someone who is, please make sure they see this market and consumer advisory and warning.