Eat in peace, cleanliness and space

There’s no denying Melbourne is a windy city and getting windier. I spend a lot of time working outside so I’m certainly aware of that. Our home is pretty small and cluttered and we really liked the idea of getting an outdoor kitchen. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about the kids or the dog fiddling with them or breaking them and they would just be out of the way.

Kitchens Melbourne wide are made by numerous companies who all boast about how good they are, why they’re better than their competitors and why you should use them. All this false marketing and mere puffs make you sick to the stomach because you can’t help but think that they’re lying.

Enter All type Kitchens. When I went on to their website, they had none of these crappy advertising campaigns and stupid sales pitches. It was just pure kitchen design and the kitchen design was amazing to look at. It showed me that All type kitchens don’t need to do all these sale bluffs because they have such confidence in their service and products that this will take care of itself.